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Suggested Grades★★★

Film Name

Play The Eight Lmmortals

Movie Film

50 Minute

Film Director

Zhang WenQing





Film Notes
   Placing the Eight Immortals on the Yellow River
   It is a traditional folk custom with the history of more than one hundred years for the local people living along the banks of the Yellow River to pray for security peace and health. Legend goes that more than one hundred years ago pestilence broke out in this area and people, in order to ask for gods’ protection and help, develop such a special folklore. Therefore, in every first month of the China’s lunar year, the local people will gather together to exchange greetings and collect money before carrying the beautifully shaped modeling of the eight immortals in Chinese myth and placing them on the Yellow River as a memorial ceremony for peace and health.
   The documentary records the solemn and gorgeous process of such an attractive folklore.



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