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Suggested Grades:★★★

Film Name

The Last Shadow Play

Movie Film

50 Minute

Film Director

Zhang WenQing





Film Notes

    The last shadow play
    Shadow play is a kind of amusement somehow like opera. The audience can see active figures on the screen while listen to the traditional opera sung by actors hide behind the screen .The pictures on screen are colorful shadows of figures which was painted on transparent animal skin.
This is a story of inherited shadow play troupe which has a history of more than 100 years in northern mountain area of Shaanxi province.
The troupe has five members: 32-year-old He Jiuyan, his grandfather, father, uncle, and two cousins. They put hearts and souls into their true love -----shadow play.
   The natural environment where they live is very hard. People there merely overcome the lack of food and clothes. They only have primitive entertainments. Perhaps watching shadow play is the most satisfying thing in their spare time.
   Nowadays, shadow play is rarely seen, especially in urban area. More and more people feel regret about the gradually fade-away of the wonderful old art.

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