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Suggested Grades★★★

Film Name

The Wheat Guests

Movie Film

50 Minute

Film Director

Zhang WenQing





Film Notes

   Temporary Farmer at Wheat Cutting Season
 Ever since the early time, due to the difference in climate, each year in Guanzhong plain, wheat cutting season would welcome hundreds and thousands of temporary farmers from far west areas such as Gansu and Ningxia who stream here to help the local farmers reaping wheat. Therefore, it has been customary for large group of farmers from much drier west region rushing eastward to earn living by helping farmers in Guanzhong Plain to cut wheat completely regardless of the fact that they would come back alone to cut their own wheat months later.
 After two years filming, the documentary features Tong Zhanhai, an organizer of a temporary farmer group and reveals social and educational background of these people who may gradually fade out of the busy picture in the wheat cutting days. It is a record of the changes of such phenomenon.


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