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Suggested Grades★★★

Film Name

The Story of the Story Teller

Movie Film

50 Minute

Film Director

Zhang WenQing





Film Notes

   This documentary film reflects the culture of three-stringed plucked instrument by showing us a storyteller, He Gaiming’s life experience.
   It demonstrates the charm of the traditional art of telling story from the storyteller’s pleasure. It shows the change in people’s life by describe the storyteller’s family trivia.
    He Gaiming became a professional storyteller apprentice in his teen age. He could independently put on a show till 20 years old. One of his teachers was Zhang Jungong, the most famous storyteller in Northern Shaanxi Province.
    A young girl, Mu Laiying married him in his 21, and also became a storyteller. From them on, people could hear fun stories performed by a couple.
Decades of years have passed. With more people have turned their interests in film and TV, He Gaiming’s business became depressive.
   Though his life has changed a great deal, he still loves his art of storytelling. Now, he is willing to own a new Three-stringed plucked instrument. Even the new one can only be hung on the wall as an exhibit; he still would be satisfied of just seeing it.



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