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                The Memory of the Great Wall
  The photograph of this ancient Great Wall historic relic takes in the Chinese northwest of ten several year agos.That year, through the lens, the special beautiful scenery makes me move, the feel still get rid of up to now it doesn't spread ...however, passed by for more than 10 years, continuously worsen of the environment finds out everything in the most accurate comment-photograph me to "hour be in transit to move" of memory, became the memory of the Great Wall...                                                                      

                                                                Photographer:Zhang Wenqing


 Ancient Great Wall beautiful reflection on water



No one knows,
the Great Wall and lake water depend on mutually concomitant how many years?



 Beautiful lake water,
it increased tender feeling the impressive-looking Great Wall.


 Passed by for several thousand years, the Great Wall continuously morals and custom.



 Incomplete Great Wall, seem the back bone of dragon.


  The Great Wall side of now, have already canned hardly see flock of sheep and lawn.




 Ancient Great Wall side, a farmer sits at the cave-room .

The brick which sets up the cave-room comes from ancient Great Wall.

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